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“Weeks 4-6 Pod Construction”

Happy New Year Everyone!! In our last Pod Factory article we told you all about rapid build garden rooms and Living Pods and how we go from zero to halfway there in 21 days. So here’s how the final 3 weeks take shape….


Starting on day 22, fourth week of building and all the plastering is now complete. Throughout the building of our Pods/garden rooms we continually quality check and during this fourth week we run a serious of tests to make sure we are on track for our delivery date. Installation of the electrical goods like shower, heating, lighting inside and outside and all power sockets is also done this week. Next the bathroom and kitchen fit out is underway, the sanitary ware is all installed and the kitchen units are being moved into place so the electrics and plumbing can all be connected. By the end of this week the tiling is complete and the floors are being laid throughout the Pod/garden room. The custom built fitted wardrobes are the next to go in. This has been the busiest week so far and we are on the final stretch.


The Pods/garden rooms really look like homes now, it’s week five. The floors are down so skirtings and doors are going in at the beginning of this week. At the Pods final home any ground works that need to be done are underway. This generally only takes a day or day and a half so very little inconvenience for our customers. Our special concrete pads/pile screws can barely be seen on the surface of the ground. These screws have minimal impact on the environment and installation can be completed in any weather.


Week six and we’re so close to being done!! The painting is well underway and all the little finishes touches that make our Pods/garden room really feel like home are being ticked off our list. Once again a series of tests and quality controls are done and then the Pod is ready for its shirk wrapping. At the end of this week the completed Pod is loaded up and ready to make its journey to its new home. On site the crane lifts and places (ever so gently) the Pod/garden room onto its foundation. Within a couple hours the Pod is in situ, minimal fuss, minimal disruption….


We have more Pods lined up to be finished and the cycle starts again with new steel frames arriving to replace the completed Pods, no rest for The Pod Factory team!


It’s amazing to think in 6 short weeks you can go from rolls of steel to a finished home. The quality and all round beauty of The Pod Factory Living Pods/garden pods never ceases to make my heart skip a beat! Seeing the joy on our customers face when they turn the key is certainly a moment that will never grow old.