garden room office

A day in a Pod

Published on November 14, 2018

By Lucy Payne, Business Development @ The Pod Factory

Yesterday was my first day working in our Office Pod garden room. It was different to what I was expecting in the sense that I wasn’t expecting it to be so different to working in my home office. Here are my surprising observations;

It was TOASTY!  I popped myself down on my comfy swivel chair I had a quick swing around to the heater. Its small, only about 2 foot by 2 foot. It was set to 15.8 degrees so I hopped it up to a cosy 20…. I really don’t like the cold. The Pod went from the 15 to 20 degrees in less than a half an hour. If that was my home office I would have either had to turn on my whole house heating or an electric portable which guzzles electricity, neither very cost efficient.

It was BRIGHT! Our Office Pod garden room has a wide floor to ceiling window/folding door. Particularly in winter I like as much natural light as possible. My home office is my small box room and the window obviously isn’t very big. It was after 4 o’clock, actually I think it was half 4, before I turned the light on in the Office Pod. For a cold damp November day to still be able to work in natural light in a big thumbs up for me.

I was FOCUSED! As my home office is inside my home there’s always the temptation to stick on a wash, turn on the dishwasher, tidy up…. When you leave your house, even if it is only 10 steps away, you are also away from the distractions. You are in a designated work space. A combination of the comfortable heat, brightness and dedicated work area I felt more productive. At the end of the day I also felt better walking away. By closing the door on the Office Pod garden room I had a sense that I was finished and that I wouldn’t be tempted to dip in and out throughout the evening.

Overall I felt a dedicated office separate from my family home allowed me to be more focused on my work. I was comfortable, productive and really enjoyed my day in a Pod.