Nahyan’s High 5 Campaign & The Pod Factory

A short while ago, The Pod Factory became aware of a young boy in Navan that is in a fight for his life against Metastatic Neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer in children.  This young boy, called Nahyan has the most amazing family and friends around him who are trying their very best to raise the funds needed to continue Nahyan’s treatment.


So far, Nahyan has already undergone Chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, surgery and radiation and still has immunotherapy to go.  Once his immunotherapy is finished Nahyan and his family will then look to go to America to take part in the bivalent vaccine trial, the only pediatric tumor vaccine in existence.  The relapse rate for Nahyan’s condition is 60% so this vaccine trial will be vital to Nahyan living a longer life.  For Nahyan and his family to travel to America for this vaccine, funds need to be raised.

Throughout the whole of the local area, fundraising events have been happening everywhere for Nahyan and they are roughly a third of the way toward the main goal.  To help raise funds, The Pod Factory has decided to lend a helping hand too.  To help, The Pod Factory has launched a raffle with the prize being one of our pods (pod 10) worth €20,000.  This prize could be on its way to your house for just a €25 purchase of a raffle ticket from the link below.

I had the pleasure of spending a short amount of time with Nahyan and his family and it’s safe to say I was in awe of the bravery of the entire family.  They have been dealt one of the hardest hands they will ever get but they standing face to face with it each and every day, and the whole community is behind them.

Please help spread the word of our fundraiser to give Nahyan as big a chance of living as we can give him.