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"0 to 6 weeks, Pods Away! ”

By Lucy, Business Development @ The Pod Factory

At The Pod Factory we build our fabulous, yet functional, garden rooms/Pods in 6 weeks.  This is considered a ‘rapid build’ but as with everything here at The Pod Factory we refuse to compromise our quality for speed.  So here’s an idea how these various Living Pods (1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bed) are put together in 6 weeks…. Just a little word of thanks to Robbie who talked me patiently through the process, after all who knows it better than the person who actually builds the Pod/garden room.

Week one, our customer has agreed (maybe made a few tweaks) on a design.  We have pre-designed Living Pods/garden apartments but we can also use more than one Pod in various formations.  The majority of customers choose the current design as it is such a brilliant and clever use of space but we can make changes to the layout and/or make bigger.  We conduct a site survey to make sure we have all the correct measurements and the delivery team check there are no hidden surprises (like a very bendy road or a narrow access route).  Once we have received the deposit all our materials are ordered.  The ‘legs’ of the Pod/garden room are the starting point, they are what is used to bolt the Pod to the ground.  This is all completed in the first week!

By week two the frame of the Living Pod/garden apartment is constructed.  It’s a steel frame so unlike wood, which can bend or warp, it is rigid.  The Irish weather is typically damp and that is why we choose an MFC light gauge steel frame….. and to work indoors!!  The steel arrives at the MFC factory in Navan Co Meath on big rolls (like sellotape) and specialised machinery is used to shape this into steel frame panels.  These panels, which make up our floors, walls and ceilings, are then moved to our second inside facility and the construction begins!!  By the end of week two the Pod is completely insulated, starting with the floor (under and over, one side is done and then its flipped!).  Once the floor is insulated we lay the plywood and then the walls go up.  They are then insulated inside and outside before moving onto the roof.  By the end of week 2 the windows, doors, skylights and roof membrane are installed and the building is made airtight.  The Living Pod is now ready for our next team.

Week three starts with flurry of electricians and plumbers.  The Pod/garden room is completely wired and all internal plumbing is done.  Even more insulation is added before the plasterboard goes up.  The internal layout is really taking shape.  The outside is completely finished by the end of this week with an acrylic base coat, rain screen and the rustic feeling cedarwood panelling.  We’re already half way there and the build continues regardless of the weather thanks to our purpose indoor facility.  In the winter months it obviously gets darker earlier but we are grateful to have a well-lit building that allows us to continue with building our Living Pods! 

Weeks 4 to 6 still to come!!