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Pod Living – Expectations vs Reality

Published on November 29, 2018

By Lucy Payne, Business Development @ The Pod Factory


Are you considering downsizing? Do you think you could de-clutter your life and live in 22 square meters? Because that is the size of our one bedroom living Pod/garden room! It might not sound like much but in reality this ‘little’ Pod packs a punch. Let me bring you on a tour, a virtual tour…

So what do you get in this compact living space? You get a surprise that’s what! At first walking through the wide glazed doors you step into your living area. Ceilings are full height and the windows are floor to roof so you get a wonderful airy feeling. Unlike a standard semi-detached house with a small hallway, you are stepping straight into your home which is very clever use of space if I say so myself. The kitchen is in front of you. Four cabinets on top, two on the bottom with a full size cooker and hob and a built in fridge. The appliances are integrated which gives a lovely streamlined look. The upper cabinets go all the way to the ceiling so not a drop of storage space is lost. There is plenty of floor space for a neat dining table and a couch for 2/3 people. My personal preference would be for a high table against the wall with 2 bar stools to make the most of my space. Our show Pod/garden room has shelves displaying pictures, ornaments and a large clock and there is still masses of space left for artwork and a TV.

There is a small ‘hallway’ leading to the bathroom and bedroom. This hall opens off the living area without a door in keeping with the open plan theme. The hallway feels wide when you stand in it, you might expect it to be narrow but our Pods are wheelchair accessible so you’ll be surprised to see this open space. On your right is the door to the bathroom and in front is a door to the bedroom.


The bathroom uses full size sink and toilet units and the shower is bigger than standard. Two people could definitely stand comfortably in it…. Now that’s not really the idea (or maybe it is!) but for someone who might require assistance this would be very helpful. We have also replaced the shower with a Wet Room for customers on request. There is a large sky light window which gives wonderful natural light and ventilation is provided by an electric fan.

From the bathroom to the bedroom is less than 3 steps. It’s a double room with a standard double bed in our show Pod/garden room. There are 2 bed side lockers and a little space left over either side. If this was my Pod I would opt for a King Size bed and utilise my headboard as my locker. I feel this would make the best use of the space. Again you will see a floor to ceiling window which allows the light to flood into the room. There are 2 double door and one single door wardrobes and these units are fitted right to the roof so you can get the absolute most from this storage. There is more than adequate space for 2 adults clothing (and I do not say this lightly), shoes and bags.


The living Pod/garden room offers the fabulous cosy factor you would expect with its clever economical heating yet bright and airy with its use of large windows. The doors are wide, which gives a feeling of space. As standard, the excellent storage space is built in and with a little more planning you could really utilise hidden extra space such as under bed, vanity unit around the bathroom sink and hanging storing in the hall. The individual rooms in the Pods are spacious, the entire layout is clever and I have no doubt (if you could be parted with your ‘clutter’) it would feel like home in no time!

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B rated Airtight insulation
100 mm exterior cladding
100 mm interior wool cladding
Steel frame construction
Won’t rot twist or crack
Can be moved or relocated
Low running costs
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