A Solution to the Housing Crisis

written by Matthew Preston

Over recent times, housing has become a very sensitive subject in this country and many are now calling the current situation a “crisis”.   The COVID-19 pandemic brought house construction to a stand still, the average price of renting in Ireland has risen nearly 3% to 1,256 Euro per month, which goes up to nearly 2,000 Euro per month in Dublin and the average price of a house has risen to 276,000 Euro.

So in other words, there just aren’t enough houses for everyone that wants to buy and if by some stroke of luck you find a house, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to afford it!  That’s if you get in before the investment funds snap them up!

So, how can this be resolved?  Well, the government can incentivize the rent to buy scheme or overhaul property tax, or maybe we can hope for a reduction in building costs but we as citizens in those situations are just sitting and hoping for a change.

But what can WE do?  The Pod Factory and our modular buildings can be seen as a real solution to the housing crisis.  But why?

  • Our pods cost a fraction of the cost of a conventional house
  • Our pods can be built to client specifications
  • Our pods can be delivered anywhere in the country
  • Our pods are made from 80% recycled materials
  • Most importantly our pods can be built in just 8 weeks and are built to last a lifetime

We believe in our pods and we do genuinely believe that our pods can be the solution to the housing issues in the country.


Our pods come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  A studio pod which is perfect for offices and home gym spaces, and they also come in anything up to 3 bedroom houses which can be lived in with great comfort and ease.  Get in touch today to find out how you can be the owner of your very own pod and help solve this crisis!