Garden office to save you money?

Ireland has one of the highest work from home, or remote working positions with a massive 22% of people choosing to work from home in their garden office when possible. This method of working brings both benefits and negative elements. The main benefit to most people is that they can work from home, in the comfort of their pyjamas. But not many people have the space to work from home, most would either set up in an overcrowded spare room or even worse, share the kitchen table with their family – dodging spilled milk from the kid’s cereal. 

The Pod Factory can help

This is where The Pod Factory can help! A bespoke garden office is just what you need and while you may not think it, a garden office could SAVE you money in the long run. Let’s break it down: 


In a survey taken by the Irish Examiner in early 2022 (before the increase in fuel prices) the average journey for a commute to work is 60km, costing between €45 and €56 per week in fuel depending on diesel or petrol. Which then works out at around €2,400 per year –Just on fuel. 

Takeaway Coffee

Next up, we have a vice that most people have while on the commute to work – The takeaway coffee. A (very) conservative number is 3 per week. The average price of a regular takeaway coffee from places like Insomnia or Costa is €3.35. which a week works out at €9.60. Which over the course of a year works out to be €499! So already, we’re saving close to €3,000 per year by working from home in your garden office. 


Let’s move on to lunch – We’ll head to Centra and get a meal deal, again we’ll go conservative and say 3 days a week at €4.50. €13.50 a week, which is €702 per year. 

The garden room and garden office idea is looking a lot more appealing now, isn’t it?

Let’s move on to the garden office itself. As we mention on our main website and previous posts, each garden office is bespoke – so it can vary in size to cater to your own requirements. The prices would range from the region of €20,000 to €35,000 for home office or studio sized Pods. So, with the conservative numbers we have gone through, not mentioning savings on clothing and other office-based costs along with the money you can claim back from the government for working from home (10% of electricity and heating costs & 30% of your broadband cost) – It would only take roughly 4 or 5 years for the garden office to pay for itself! 

Our Pods

About our Pods – They can be used as anything you like, especially a garden room or garden office space. The perfect sizes for an office space are: 

As mentioned, each Pod is 100% bespoke. You are in control when it comes to layout, finish, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms. It’s entirely up to you. If the home office sizes aren’t what you’re looking for we have our modular home sizes too – which can be customised into garden office spaces also! For more information on it all – give us a call.