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Studio Pod

“Express yourself, living your garden room dream”

If you are adding on a tranquil space to study or create from the studio garden room is a perfect solution. This luxurious garden room pod space is wrapped in airtight membranes, EPS and earthwool insulation creating a warm space all year round. The studio garden room pod once delivered is installed within 1 day, which means you can instantly use the pod.

Built with elegant double glazed corner windows and fully glazed doors you can benefit from lots of natural light too, so if you are crafting or creating you will find that your garden room pod is built to be used all year round and becomes part of your inspiration.

When we began to design and create the pod factorys garden room pods we wanted to be kinder to earth.  So because we are conscious of the earth’s resources and being sustainable we have chosen to build with many modern construction products which are sustainable and kinder to the planet. All our steel is 80% recycled so it is green and friendly for the environment.

All of our garden room pods are made offsite in our purpose built factory.  The Studio Garden room can be delivered and installed as a turnkey space in 4 – 6 weeks. Each garden room is built off site at our factory and it is built so that when you move to a new location so you can effectively take it with you.

Our Garden room Sales team can support you through any challenges or questions you might have as you finalise your decision, we shall guide you through your finishing options and offer you a free site survey.

If you are new to The Pod Factory and you wish see a Studio Garden room Pod or arrange a viewing appointment please Contact US

“…warm and ready to use all year round a year….”

Garden Room Pods
Garden Room Pods
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MFC Steel Frame Construction
Airtightness membrane
External Rigid Insulation
Cedar Wood Cladding
Coloured Rain screen
Coloured Render System
Double glazed aluminium Windows & doors
Low Running costs
Laminate flooring
WC, Shower & Vanity Units
Can be moved or relocated
Low running costs