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“Steel framed garden room pods”

"Light Gauge steel framed building systems"

...Each stylish garden room pod design is built in a steel frame which is manufactured by Metal Frame Construction Ltd (MFC).  We choose this building method as we wanted to build the garden room pods off site and simply deliver them as a turnkey unit, that means we can deliver by articulated lorry and lift them onto the site by crane.  One of the other advantages is that this means it can be easily made air tight, it is stronger and we have ensured that there is a high insulation by wrapping ceilings, walls, and floors.

The garden room pods made with a steel frame have many advantages, some of the benefits are that steel will last a long time, it will not twist, rot or crack unlike other building methods.  So all the investment you make by purchasing your pod will be retained as your steel framed pod lasts much longer than other building methods.

Light gauge steel is robust and strong, because we have manufactured the Garden room pods in this system it allows the garden room pods to be lifted easily into position on site. It also means that if you decide to move home that the pod can move with you.  Simply lifted out by crane and put onto a lorry and transported to your next location.

There are key benefits to building with Steel:

Versatility & Long Spans

  • Steel is 100% accurate unlike timber

Long Spans opens spaces

  • Steel allows Architects to design large wide open living spaces

Cost Effectiveness

  • Steel is cost effective because of speed of construction and less trades are needed

Won't rot twist or crack

  • Unlike timber steel does not rot twist or crack it is galvanized and has a long life span

Built off site benefits

  • Pre-fabricated indoors - so there is no time loss to weather


  • 75% of steel used in light gauge steel houses is recycled

Weight to strength ratio

  • It takes alot less to achieve your building design

BER rated

  • High BER rating achieved

Air tightness

  • Easily achieved with a steel framed system

U Value

  • Highest U values easily achieved with Steel framed systems

The Pod Factory Garden Room pods are delivered in turn key condition with kitchen and bathroom units build in, these garden home pods can be easily adapted into everyday living spaces. Low on energy costs, high on insulation values, the only thing you’ll need to remember to is keep the heat low.

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About Metal Frame Construction (MFC) have been successfully building since the year 2000. There are many benefits with light gauge steel buildings, from construction to long term sustainability.  MFC work closely with architects and engineers to achieve the exact building specifications and designs.  MFC have their own in-house engineers to draft detailed drawings of your vision, they have also achieved NSAI certification through the NSAI.

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