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Taking the decision to buy a modular home can be a tough one. The Pod Factory can help with that and make the decision easy for you!

The Pod Factory are one of Ireland’s leading modular home providers.

Modular Home Over Conventional

The average house in Ireland now costs close to €300,000. Average build time of a new build is over 6 months.

You could have a 3 bedroom house from The Pod Factory for more than half the cost of conventional and in a fraction of the time too!

Why Choose A Modular Home?

Modular Means Offsite Construction

  • We build each module in our purpose-built factory. So, each module is built in factory-controlled conditions, with no outside influences

High Quality Modular Homes

  • Our modular homes are built much quicker to a very high standard. From given the go ahead on a design, the lead time is currently around 10 weeks to delivery

100% Bespoke

  • Each modular home or garden room is 100% bespoke. Our team of expert designers will work with you to design your dream home.

Minimal Disruption

  • With each of the builds taking place offsite, there is little to no disruption of your home or site until the day of delivery.

Quick Delivery & Installation

  • Delivery of your modular home takes just a couple of hours with a small expert team, again, with little disruption to your home or neighbourhood

Modular Home Gallery

Check out a sample of some modular homes that we’ve built for customers throughout Ireland. Each modular home can be tailored to your needs so make sure to contact us for more info!

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